Friday, January 12, 2018

Prayer Challenge Day 5

Setting my mind on Him:

Pray through Scripture: 
Psalm 143
Romans 12


Heart of Gratitude: 
Psalm 28:7

Prayer burdens: 
  • Wisdom for me
  • Joy for my husband
  • Purity for my kids
  • Laborers for the harvest 
  • Please pray with me for Moody Bible Institute. It is where I graduated from long ago, and they are going through a huge time of transition right now. Praying that they whole fast to the Word of God and find a unified leadership team to carry it through this time. A friend shared the verse Hosea 6:1 that seems a fitting source of prayer for them.

I'm thankful that God's response is not as emotional and capricious as mine. It does not rise up based on how He is feeling today or if He is in the mood to humor me. God responds faithfully based on His righteousness. I'm also thankful that His judgement of me is not based on my emotions or daily behavior. No matter how overwhelmed or self-focused I am at the moment, my eternity is secure. With God, my history has hope woven through it. No matter how parched the present, His constant presence firmly plants my next step. So, I will trust, I will seek Him each morning, I will listen, I will walk, I will follow. 

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