Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Might go without saying

Well, it may be painfully obvious that the tempo of my life has not allowed for much blogging as of late. And yet, I still feel an obligation to get on here and post something now and then. I mentally compose posts multiple times each day, but run out of day before they actually get written.

So, I have decided to let myself off the hook for the time being. I can't imagine just putting this blog out to pasture, but I do need a mental break for a time. I so appreciate each of you that has followed, commented, and read along with what God has been teaching me over the past couple years.

Right now, I need to focus on this school year that is passing too quickly, and my sweet baby that brings more treasure to each day than I thought possible, and re-solidify a daily devotional time.

I'll be back, but it will likely be a few months or more before I commit to blogging on a regular basis once again.

Hug your babies, do something special for your husband, and protect your Bible time (in the opposite order though). I can't wait to share all that God has ahead for me, and maybe even revisit some of what He has already led me through that I have not had time to capture here.

Until then . . .