Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fresh month, fresh goals

Funny how God seems to tug me back here about once a year.

a place to just write.

to think

to process

He's so good, and even in the midst of busy days that blur by, He shows Himself faithful continually. His mercies renew each day. More than I deserve.

This year I've set two goals each month, and I'm now contemplating the ones for the month ahead.

January was daily devotions and drinking all my water. This has stuck with me pretty consistently through February as well (which was the plan).

February was no desserts and no facebook. I've failed pretty miserably at both. However, I have seen cutbacks and residual benefits in both areas.

March. Should I retackle February? Maybe. I'm thinking not. Maybe in July.

But, what . . .

I need to workout more regularly, but I'm afraid that would be a fail with a busy month ahead. Maybe in May. Goal setting needs to be realistic or it is really just wasting my time and emotions.

So, for March I will not eat 2 hours before bedtime and I will pray for my husband each night. I started this unofficially again in January, but somehow it already slipped away in February. Time to make it a goal.

God has been beautifully working on our marriage. Through prayer, quiet talks, some hard circumstances, decisions, parenting, Friday night dates (why have we not always done this?), the book Cherish, and a gradual softening of our hearts. Marriage needs constant attention or it gets stale. We don't want that.

We decided to let God make it a beautiful thing again. Maybe He'll draw me back here in a few days to share the nuggets I've gleaned from Cherish by Gary Thomas, and the buds of fresh love we enjoy as a result. Such a convicting work that is crafting a new wife for my husband.

God is good, giving to His beloved even in their sleep. So many good stories of God doing just that.