Thursday, January 15, 2009

X-treme cold

Don't know how many of you might be stuck in these crazy cold temperatures, but I thought I would share how we are making the most of it.

Now, for my eleven year old son science class never really ends. He is constantly running informal experiments to see what would happen if . . . Well, right now he has access to a super cold freezer with unlimited storage.

First, he made marshmallows shatter . . .

Then, he found a variety of objects to fill and freeze (balloons, two liters, cups, etc.) This glove took less than half an hour to freeze pretty much solid.

And, it is true, with the right conditions, clothing really could stand up on its own:

Some other activities we enjoyed, but could not capture on film: blowing bubbles (they freeze instantly and then shatter instead of pop), watching the river steam especially by the little dam, and shocking ourselves on everything that we touch (some enjoy this more than others)!

Right now the windchill is forty below and the regular temperature did not even hit zero Fahrenheit today. We have only had 44 days this cold in the last 140 years, or something like that.

Here's some other ideas I found or thought of:
- Staying warm in winter

- Make snow sculptures (freeze water in various containers with wide mouths - pie tins, buckets, etc. - then pop them out and carefully wet the connecting surfaces to attach them to each other. We have done this in the past and had lots of fun with it.)

- Blow up a balloon and then put it outside for a while and watch it shrink

Anyone else have ideas to make the most of this historic freeze?

Stay warm and safe!

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gina said...

What a fun way to truly take advantage of this insanely cold weather streak. We have been staying indoors- baking and cooking more.