Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you in His Word?

Regardless of New Year Resolutions or fresh goals, we should each be in God's Word at some point each and every day. I hope you are. I pray that you are.

I have struggled with this off and on, as I think most Christians have over the years. I remember well my father sitting at the breakfast table with his well worn Bible in front of him packed with bulletin inserts that he prayed through everyday. He was often late for work, but his time with God never went missing that I recall. He absolutely needed two hours to get ready every morning. One for him, one for God. I don't know how I missed that influence for so long. But, good examples often come back to you in the end.

My quiet time is not nearly as consistent or lengthy as my dad's, but it is definitely there. I find that with the busy life of a mother of many that it works better broken up throughout the day . . . a little in the morning, a little when I have time throughout the day, a little before bed. Keeps my thoughts ever on Him.

This new year I have started with fresh motivation to read the Bible through. My enthusiasm to open the Book each day has even caught me off guard. Why the fresh eagerness? 66 books. It's more than a website, it's a Bible study group, an accountability group, a devotional of sorts, a forum for Spiritual growth.

When I have tried to read through the Bible in the past I am usually already behind by a week into January. This year I'm three or four days ahead and my Bible has the markings to show it. Each day God has met me in an amazing way and spoken His Word into my life. I don't always listen. Don't always change as a result, but it is there, quietly directing my steps, leading my heart to repentance, pushing me deeper into the pages of this amazing, living Book of all Books.

Need an extra nudge to get in the Word and stay there? Jump over to 66 books and subscribe or bookmark it and come back daily. The posting should be up fairly early each morning if you want to read it before you read the Word, but don't read it in place of the Word. It should help or encourage, but not substitute.

Funny, I sat down to just write a quick reminder about the site for those that missed it so far, and to mention that I posted over there today, and it turned into a walk down memory lane and a reminder of God's blessings. However and whenever you get in His Word, just make sure you get there. Today and everyday need that focus and perspective on life.

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Courtney said...

Erin, that was a lovely post and a wonderful image of your father. I don't have those types of memories from my childhood, as I did not grow up in a Christian home. But I do hope that my children have fond memories of me sharing the gospel with them. I have also enjoyed reading at 66 books, and am glad at the community that's been created there. I feel like it's more of a community group than a book club. So many people have already joined us on the journey. Thank you for being such a big part of it!