Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bringing Home Paradise -- Week 2 -- Prioritize

How was your week? Did you spend some time dedicated to prayer for growth in your marriage?

Often I find that when I commit to pray for something I am more aware of God moving and see great change in a short time period. This week was something different than I had anticipated. Our time together was shorter, but rich. We have huge decisions to make in the near future and much time is spent talking about these.

In the midst of these moments, I have noticed my own heart growing more tender. Looking for opportunities to show love more intentionally, looking for glimpses into my husband's love for me that I sometimes don't notice.

God is moving, and I will continue to pray for a marriage that grows and honors Him more each day. I won't quit praying now, that's for sure, but now it is time to get to work.

This coming week I want to focus on prioritizing my time with my husband in mind. This will involved budgeting my resources (time, energy, money, space, thoughts, etc.) with him at the top.

Without meaning to, I often reach the end of the day worn out. I put everything I have into homeschooling, housework, and managing the home, and by 7:00 there isn't much left to give, and my husband has not even been home for two hours.

In recent months I have tried to gauge my energy level early afternoon and if I need a nap to have more energy in the evening, I try to squeeze it in, even if just for 15 minutes. If Charles is my priority, then that should show up in my decisions throughout the day.

As I view our home, I try to look through his eyes. What matters most to him? Cleanliness? Lack of clutter? A certain room? A well made meal? Quiet? I know the answers for my spouse, and I pray that you know or will find out the answers for yours. Little changes and choices can often show consideration without a dramatic expense or project.

One word of caution, and I speak this first and foremost to myself . . . Even if our efforts are to please our spouse, we do not do this seeking human praise. If that is our goal, we will at some point face defeat and discouragement. My primary purpose is to glorify God in my home. I seek His praise, His glory. I pray that my husband feels love and peace in our home as well, but he does not need to express or verbalize that for me to have accomplished my goal. I know for my husband if he does not say much then things are good. In the quiet tender moments her verbalizes his love for me, but he is not one to walk in the door gushing praise over a clean house or orderly children. I think that is true of most people.

When we sit and reflect we realize the joy that someone brings into our lives, but usually those joys simply quietly paint the canvas of our relationship. They work it into a masterpiece without our noticing. They create a priceless mosaic of love for us. That is my goal. To create that backdrop for my husband in our home in our lives together. I pray that our marriage would give him joy and not worry. That it would give him the confidence and strength to follow God more closely and live for Him more completely.

How could you adjust your priorities to show your love for your spouse more clearly?

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Kris said...

Great thoughts! You've given me food for thought this week. And here I thought I was just stopping by to let you know I'd left an award for you on my blog. ;-)