Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We are at the start of a really cold spell, high of about 6 today. Perfect day for breaking out the popcorn popper for a hot from the stove afternoon snack. Thought maybe others looking for inspiration in the kitchen would enjoy this as well.

Today, after the obligatory "normal" batch (salt and butter) we decided for something different. Nathan, 3, wanted caramel.
So, 1/4 cup oil,
1/4 cup brown sugar and
about 1/2 cup popcorn.

When it was almost done, I thought, "Isn't everything better with chocolate?"

So, I threw in about 1/2 cup chocolate chips that melted all over the caramel batch.

My kids' responses:

"Chocolate power" (not sure what that means)
"These would probably be REALLY good if we let it harden." Yeah, probably, but the world will never know.


Anonymous said...

We met at the NPLH meeting this month- and I just want you to know I am so much enjoying yor blog. You are wise beyond your years, friend!! Anyway, thank you for the encouragement and Godly wisdom that you are sharing with your postings here!
P.S. I love the Chocolate Power! comment - as a chocoalte lover myself, I can appreciate wanting to shout that out!!

5intow said...

Thanks for the encouragement. :-) Just sharing what God has taught me, and sometimes writing it down helps it stick in my own brain as well. We serve a Great Big God!

I think we can all relate to chocolate power now and then, eh? :-)