Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bringing Home Paradise -- Week 4 -- Practical application


No matter how breath-taking, everything gets hum-drum without a fresh perspective. Ask people that live by the ocean, or by the mountains, or with kids, or who own a Bible. After a while you take it for granted. You know, those glazed eyes of children on Christmas night when all their toys have already taken on an air of familiarity? No matter how majestic the view, how powerful the words, how amazing the experience, it can get old.

Even marriage, one of God's gifts to mankind from the days of creation can get stale. I realized that I need to constantly guard against complacency in my home and marriage. I need to recognize God's blessing, have a thankful heart, and intentionally cultivate the precious relationship that I have with my husband.

When the stirrings for this series started in my heart a couple months ago, I knew a month would really be just the beginning. I have worked hard to establish and reestablish habits that would grow my marriage. Prayer has become part of my routine, keeping my husband a priority has constantly influenced my thoughts and decisions, and these last couple weeks I have found great joy in showing my husband love in practical expressions.

One night this week we talked about our love for each other. We shared what we appreciate in each other and what we appreciate most from each other. Sometimes even when we know someone well their answers may surprise us. I need to continue being a student of my husband and learning more of who he is, what he loves, and what he prizes. People present a challenge to truly know because we all change. Our likes change, our preferences, our hobbies, our interests, our abilities. At the core we remain mostly the same person, but a marriage can never just be left to ferment, because the ingredients don't remain the same.

I pray that this series has blessed your home in some way, even something small that will continue to grow and blossom. While I wrap up this series of posts, I have definitely refocused my priorities and find greater joy in my marriage.

Even if we have grown dull to the marvels around us, all it takes is a deep breath and reopening our eyes to what has been there all along, and the marvel returns.

How has your marriage grown? Please share in a post what God has taught or is teaching you, tips for maintaining that "spark," or some other encouragement about marriage or this series. Then sign in here with Mr. Linky. Be sure to link directly to your Bringing Paradise Home relevant post so that others can find it easily and please also post a link back here so others can come and be inspired through the ideas and encouragement shared. ~Thank you!

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