Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs - unit studies

We incorporate unit studies into our homeschool on an irregular basis. Sometimes I use them heavily, sometimes not at all. Right now we are loosely studying Hawaii a couple days a week, and in February we will jump into a unit on the Iditarod.

When I use unit studies I still maintain their regular math and English work, but the units help bring us somewhere new in our history, science, current events, vocabulary, Bible geography, art, and other miscellaneous areas.

Before I had kids at so many different levels I used them more, and we really enjoyed one that we did through Konos volume two on responsibility.

I enjoyed that the unit focused around a character quality and then explored that through so many levels and subjects. In particular I remember the weeks spent learning about beavers and ants. We built a dam and got completely messy. It is hard work trying to build and anchor a wall in the midst of running water. Really opened our eyes to the skill that God gave the beavers.

We were supposed to spend an hour watching an ant hill, but I could barely drag them inside for lunch. We put out different foods -- honey, crumbled bacon, water, cereal, and whatever else the kids grabbed. And then, we watched. With magnifying glasses and without, on our eyes, and stretched out on our bellies. We followed them and wondered at their diligence. Amazing!

I really enjoyed Konos studies, but the version I had was pre-internet days and some of the books and materials were unavailable. We still enjoyed everything that we could get our hands on and it was adaptable to many ages all in one lesson.

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Pat said...

Loved your post, sounds like your kids have a blast while learning too.

momtofivekids said...

We used Konos years ago and loved it, too.