Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frugal Friday -- the freedom of a budget

Some see budgets as a constraint or a killjoy. Others see them as a waste of time. To some they seem impossible goals.

The truth? A budget can bring freedom.

Freedom from guilt. Freedom from the world's standards.
Freedom to live simply. Freedom to give.
Freedom through knowledge and control of your resources.

Recently my sister-in-law told me about the Disney Ice Show in town and a deal she found on tickets. I considered it, and then initially decided against it because tickets add up quickly when you have five children. Then, I took a peek at our budget for the month. We have hardly spent any money outside of necessities since before Christmas, and our groceries are coming in way under budget this month. I quickly realized, we could go!

I so wanted to take my children to this memory-making experience. I remember as a child attending these shows on occasion and thoroughly enjoying them. I wanted the same for my children. And, thanks to our budget I could go, knowing I could afford it. We could enjoy the show guilt free, kind of spontaneously, thanks to that $100 a month that we set aside for fun stuff -- going out to eat or ordering take out, movie rentals, field trips, church activities, and family outings.

Sometimes that negative perspective of a budget keeps you from formulating and living on one, but if you don't already, I would encourage you to get on a budget. If you are a spender, they help you see where your money is going and not get frustrated with overspending while still being able to enjoy activities and purchases. Those of you that are savers like me, they give you the freedom to enjoy special times that you might otherwise pass over to "save more."

Those smiles? Priceless! Especially when I know it was all done within our budget.

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shopannies said...

I love to budget as well and try to live by it like the law. Glad you did such a great job you were able to take the kids to do something fun

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing your perspective! I love using our budget, too.