Saturday, August 8, 2009

weekly wrap up - The "new addition" edition

This past week we welcomed quite a few new additions to our home.

I would like to introduce you to Rebecca . . .

(Brooke's been around a while, but the doll is new)

She is a joy to have around. She has already made close friendships with each of the other girls.

She came with a book, a cute outfit, other accessories, and a day filled with sweet memories of getting spoiled by Grandma while Brooke picked it all out.

Here is the most ridiculous addition to our home:

Yeah, I know. And that's not even all of it. We already gave away half a dozen containers and a couple packs of Klondike bars. Spent less than$20 out of pocket all together, and have about $30 so far to spend on my "real" grocery shopping once this deal wraps up.

I saved the best for last, at least in my opinion:

See what we have? Most of us are excited and can't wait to learn and share this project. We have a dozen chicken eggs from our friendly farmer (Thanks, Lynn), and hope that in less than three weeks now we will have a whole lot of cheeping going on.

ETA -- August 25. We have lots to learn and explore in the meantime, so be sure to check back for all the details and goodies we uncover, and tips on doing this whole project for just $30!

If anyone has already walked this path, I would be happy to hear your tips and advice for getting the most out of this experience.

We somehow squeezed in two days of schooling while welcoming these new additions, spending a day at Six Flags, overnighting with family, and working on other projects.

Next week we have a couple birthdays, some down time, the Air and Water Show in Chicago (annual tradition for the boys), and get ready for the start of school. To see how others spent their week, check out more Weekly Wrap Ups.


Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

I can't wait to follow along with the "Great Chick Experiment" with you! What fun!

AF Wife99 said...

We have some American Girl fans in our house as well. That picture at the top of your blog has got to be Hawaii. It looks just like our island!

5intow said...

AF wife,

You nailed it. My husband and I spent 9 days on Maui last winter. That picture was from our last hours there, enjoying the surf just off the Hana Highway. We're still trying to figure out how to move there. :-)