Monday, August 24, 2009

Day in the life

Each homeschool family, schedule, philosophy, and environment is unique. We can also all learn from each other. Even people who do things in a way completely different from my own have lots to teach me.

Taking a peak into the everyday life of any given homeschool family will show you a bit about who they are, their goals, and their priorities. I'll share a glimpse into my day, and then you can jump over to 3boybarians to see a number of other "day in the life" links.

I already posted on my other website about how I print out individual schedules for each of the kids' school days, but there is much more to our day, and lots of life that happens even in the process of a normal day.

Keep in mind, while this may be "normal" we only expect about 2-3 normal days each week. Many days end up differently as we roll with the punches.

6:30 -- I'm up, usually run or walk a mile or two with the dog

7:00 -- My quiet time. If the kids are already bustling around sometimes I get breakfast started, or tell them to and try to get my prayer and Bible reading in while being peppered with "Good mornings" and questions about the day ahead.

7:30 -- Breakfast. We all eat and then while they clean up I usually jump in the shower

8:00 -- Daddy leaves for work and we get our morning chores done(for a sample of our daily chore breakdown you can see this chore post). My reward for myself for staying on task in the morning is computer time. :-) If I'm a good girl and get all my chores done before school starts at 9:00 I get to spend the remaining time on the computer.

9:00 -- Bible time

9:30 -- Missionary Biography

9:45 -- Spelling Power (5 minutes each child, just older 3)

10:00 -- Math hour (15 minutes with each of the four school aged kids) While they are not with me they rotate between working on their math/English on their own, typing, music practice, handwriting, and silent reading.

11:00 -- English/reading hour (15 minutes each again)

12:00 -- PE -- one day a week we run, one day we go to the weight room, and three days of other activities (units: soccer, badminton, basketball, etc)

12:30 -- Lunch with Dad and midday chores

1:15 -- Study hour for older kids and I do Sonlight Core 1 with the younger 3

2:15 -- Free time/quiet time for little kids and I do Ambleside Online year 5 with older ones

3:15 -- Notebooking page, one a day on rotating topics

3:45 -- Reading with Nathan if it didn't get tucked in somewhere else

4:00 -- Outside free time

5:00 -- take turns helping prepare dinner

We have been on this newly tweaked schedule for a week now and it is going really well. Friday we do all the things that don't fit into a regular day including studying artists, composers, nature, foreign language, music, etc. I'm pretty sure by Christmas I'll be bored with it all and will revamp it all once again, but that's the way it goes with homeschooling.


Nicki said...

Thanks for sharing! You've got a nice-looking schedule, and I hope you have a great school year.

Daddy's Chick's said...

We use our schedule as a back bone, it keeps us on track, but allows us to be flexible. Thanks so much for sharing, have a blessed week