Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TOS Crew Review -- Quarter mile math

Quarter Mile Math

Most programs have a limited age capacity, but everyone from my 4 year old ( letter and number recognition) to my seventh grader (pre-algebra concepts) have gotten in on this race.

Quarter Mile Math allows kids to practice their basic math skills through friendly competition with themselves. Recording their five best times, the program allows the student to run as either a car or horse trying to outrun their previous speed.

1/4Mile Image

You can purchase the product on a standard CD version in level 1 (k-3), level 2 (4-6), or level 3 (6-9) for $39.95 each, or all together for $89.95, and be set for speed drills into high school.

If you would like to enjoy the program for a shorter period of time, but with some additional features, you can purchase their deluxe version which is a subscription based program you can purchase and download from their site. This automatically includes all the levels and costs just $2.95 per month for the whole family, or $19.95 a year, $34.95 for two years!

My 12 year old likes the competitive aspect of it, and also likes to race against his sisters (an option with the deluxe version). With a standard version they could also compete against each other, but not at the same time.

Quarter Mile Math was easy to work into our school day as well. Each student really only needs to spend about five minutes each day on the program to strengthen and reinforce their basic math facts. My kids would often want to spend more time on it, but the expectation was at least five minutes of racing. This easily rotated in during my spelling practice with each of the kids.

If you need a product that will motivate your kids to drill their basic facts easily, self-motivating, and for a reasonable price, you will want to check out the Quarter Mile Math website for a demo you can download, full details on prices and products, a special section just for homeschoolers to help make the most of this resource, many other testimonials, and how to order this product for your homeschool.

For a limited time, through September 30, Christopher Wright of Quarter Mile Math is offering a special $5 off discount off any of their products (Standard or Deluxe) if you use the referral code: 7K7Z7. There is a place to input this code on the order forms.

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