Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chick Flick ;-)

Photographing and movie making in a dark room is no easy task.

Despite their blurriness, I figured I would share:

We are about half way at this point. From some angles the eggs are half dark, half light. From other angles you can see through more of the egg, and you can kind of see the extra dark spot near the left side of the egg where the little chick is hopping around. Sometimes they really get moving. It is amazing to watch. Our earlier candling pictures were much clearer, but now you can really see the egg filling up.

Last night we pitched our non-thriving eggs. :-( So, we have 8 left in the incubator, and hopefully all will live. I hadn't thought about having to deal with all the death when I took on this project. Reading other people's experiences has me a little anxious. I just have a thing about dealing with dead animals. Don't know why, it's just one of those things. I could never be an exterminator as much as I like the idea of removing unwanted pests.

Here is one more clip if you want to play a little I spy . . .

If you watch carefully you can see the dark spot moving around. It kind of looks like it is swimming, dipping, bobbing, and having a good ol' time.

Half way to hatching!

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