Monday, August 10, 2009

Party time


















Another year, another party. Paige turning 10, and Faith turned 8 (no more booster seat!)


I always enjoy planning their parties and then always somewhat regret the excess hoopla we put into it all.

Since their birthdays are close together, we usually try to celebrate together if it works out. As different as they are, they have occasionally been able to agree on a theme. This year, the vote was unanimous – baking!


The festivities began with shirt decorating. I found these t-shirts for $1, and thought they would make perfect “aprons” for the party.



A bag full of Sharpies, some paper in the middle of the shirt to prevent bleeding, and lots of child-like enthusiasm.

Then, we cooked, and cooked . . .


Funnel cake, pretzels, sugar cookies (just a mix, no great recipe to share)! I couldn’t believe how well all the girls did. They had lots of fun, and got a little, uh, enthusiastic at times, but everyone seemed to have a great time.

We skipped the traditional cake and put candles in the ice cream when we sat to take our eating break.

And, although we had plenty of activity with the cooking, the girls still wanted some games. So, we played “pin” the number on the measuring cup:

This actually turned out pretty well. Please ignore my lame excuse for a measuring cup. I was proud of it when I first drew it, but now it looks like a pretty pathetic excuse for a measuring cup. Oh well, it worked. At their turn, each girl was blindfolded and given a sticky note with a number on it (from 1/4-2) and they had to try placing it on the appropriate line on the cup.

We also played a very messy round of popcorn relay. The first team to fill their cup with popcorn by carrying it on a spoon would win. Should have gone with my initial plan to play this outside. My laziness kept us in. My husband graciously vacuumed after we finished. :-)

A few other games that were ready to go, had to stay unplayed as the clock ticked faster than we could cram things in. I was quite grateful that one of the moms stuck around for the party she was an immeasurable help.


Now, I’m exhausted. A week off of school, lots of final planning to be done, eggs to be turned and a couple last fun flings to enjoy. Oh, and in case you don’t already know about my party planning consultant, feel free to check out Birthday Party Ideas. I get some of my ideas and almost all of my inspiration from their site.

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Rachel said...

Thank you for stopping by our blog Meditations of His Love Mrs. Erin! =:D It was such a joy to read your comment to us! I too am finding that it's difficult to "speak" aloud but quite easy to talk on the blogs! =:) I too need to learn more about boldness.

This party for your girl's looks like so much fun! We used to do some t-shirt decorating at our parties too! =:)