Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to pray

Over the weekend the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began.

I have enjoyed spending this month in prayer for Muslims worldwide. 30 Days is a tool I have used for a couple years now. Here is the excerpt from Sunday's email. Please follow the links if you are interested in subscribing or learning more:

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World Ramadan 2009 / 1430: August 22 - September 20

Muslim Attitudes: Concerning the West and Christians in General

For Sunday 23 August, Ramadan 2009. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Many Muslims do not practise their own religion regularly. They find themselves torn between Islam and Western values and culture. The relationships between Muslims and Westerners are sometimes tense. Each have attitudes of suspicion, rejection and feelings of injustice toward the other. This can lead to hatred. In addition, simple non-moral differences between cultures can be a major source of prejudice, problems and misunderstandings.

Unfortunately, believers are not always good examples of God’s character. In the words of one person who knows Muslims well, “Many Muslims have never met a believer who is actually living a real Christian life. This is certainly one of the greatest hindrances to effectively making the Messiah known among Muslims.”

Prayer Starters:

  • Pray that Muslims will be able to meet sincere practising believers and discern how they are different from cultural Christians.
  • With your children, share how a Christian should live in order to show a Muslim what it means to believe in Jesus.
  • Scriptures to meditate on and proclaim in prayer: Leviticus 19:2, Mt 5:48, Rom 12:2

Complete article:

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