Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wfmw -- staying cool and hydrated

Summer usually means lots of time spent outside, a bit of hot weather, and active pursuits.

To fully enjoy these times, I always make sure that we have lots of water to drink and ways to keep cool.

These are just a few of the tips I have incorporated into our summertime planning to make sure this happens.

First off, I keep a couple of these in our freezer at all times:

I have found that these little margarine tubs are the perfect size super ice cube to put in our water cooler and take on the go. This usually takes all day to melt even if left in a hot car, thus assuring us ice cold drinking water throughout the day.

When I use them, I refill them right away so they are ready for next time. Then, whenever we are headed out the door, I put it in the water cooler, fill it up with cold water and we are ready in a jiffy!

Also, I fill up additional water bottles the night before and freeze them for either drinking throughout the day or keeping the cooler cool. One frozen two liter or gallon jug can keep your cooler cool without needing lots of ice. Then, you stick it back in the freezer at home and reuse it next time. A very frugal, environmentally friendly alternative to a cooler full of ice.

Other helpful items to keep on hand:
  • hats
  • small towels or bandannas (these can be great for dunking in a cooler full of melting ice or cold water to cool off with)
  • spray bottles (keep these in the cooler, too, for an extra cooling mist!)

Why bring water with you?
To help prevent you from filling up on tea or pop while you are out.
And, of course to keep you hydrated.

How much water?
Well, we usually count on about 4-5 cups per person, but you will need to determine what your family needs. Better to overestimate than under and find yourself paying $3 a bottle for water or drinking a less nutritious alternative.

Stay cool, and most importantly, stay hydrated! You can enjoy your time lots more and keep your energy levels up if you take care of yourself and your kids in this regard. Get ready to really enjoy the rest of this summer!

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Cardamom said...

This is a great tip! I have one for you - if you don't mind me adding a link... http://www.cardamomspod.com/2009/05/homemade-laborade/ We have 9 children and we use this, alternating with water, on those hot days where we do a lot of sweating. I especially love the wording on your blog that brings glory to God. Happy WFMW!

Amanda said...

I love the little tub idea for the ice cubes! I really need to pick up some of your tips here!!

Come stop by my blog ~ I’m sharing a tasty thing I found that works for me and my daughter, which you’ll see LOL. Plus I have a little info on a Non-BlogHer party going on with GIVEAWAYS and fun!! http://www.garibaysoup.com

5intow said...

Thanks for sharing your links, Cardamom and Amanda, always interesting to read others' tips for beating the heat as well.