Thursday, July 23, 2009

weekly wrap up - Curriculum edition

As we accelerate toward the official start of school I find myself once again absorbed with all things homeschool. Budgets, schedules, classes, co-ops, curriculums, philosophies, inspiration, etc.

Last week I, and many others, enjoyed Kris's posting of her Curriculum plans for the year ahead, and so she invited us to join her this week with a posting of our own plans. You can jump over there and read about many other homeschoolers' plans as well.

But wait -- here's mine first :-)

In the order of our daily schedule:

- Grapevine Studies, Old Testament Overview (review coming. We are enjoying this, but I want a couple more weeks with it before I share all my thoughts).

- You can Change the World - praying around the world


Missionary Biographies
- Chance to Die by Elliot (about Amy Carmichael)

- Trial and Triumph (love this book!)

- then, not sure yet. Maybe Daktar or Bruchko or Through Gates of Splendor (if it's not obvious, I'm kind of a missionary biography junkie, probably a quarter of my books relate to missions in one way or another)

- Spelling Power

- SpellQuizzer

- Nothing exciting -- we use A Beka for 1,2 grade (don't do kindergarten, just start first grade stuff when they are around 5 years old); Saxon for 3 through Algebra II; this year we are using Jacobs Alegebra I for a fresh perspective and have really liked it so far

- IEW We will dabble in this next week and use it to advance writing skills, hopefully. A popular method and I have enjoyed learning more about it through videos borrowed from friends. This was my one big purchase this year. I bought the student intensive ($120) with the DVDs.

- Rod and Staff (2-8) We started these two years ago and I cannot rave enough about them. Simple, affordable, academically strong, and clearly taught from a Christian worldview. I don't require my kids to do every single exercise, and we do a bit orally, but they have learned so much and enjoy the many references to a more agrarian form of living. They do not officially sell their products online, but this link takes you to a store that you can purchase them through.

- We start out with Handwriting without Tears. I enjoy their early writing books and even found a large set of their wooden manipulatives at a sale earlier this year for less than $15 I think.

- Once my kids have their writing pretty well established (2-3rd grade), we move to A Reason for Handwriting. I liked their cursive better than any other books that I looked at, so that is part of the reason for the switch. It has worked well so far.

- Aside from sports we do daily running, stretching, etc.

- I want my older kids to all be comfortable running a mile by the end of this year.

- More on a PE activity that we often use

- Sonlight core 1 for the younger set. I've done this once already a few years ago and am looking forward to reading some favorites once again!

- Ambleside year 5 for the older two. I think combining will save my sanity a bit this year. We should have time to dig in a little more, and I love the conversations that erupt when I work with more than one child at a time.

- Sonlight core 1 for the younger set

- Aplogia General Science with the older two

Co-ops and classes:
- Keepers at Home
- Ballet
- Gymnastics
- fall soccer, spring baseball
- drama
- gym and swim

Nature Study
- Handbook of Nature Study blog

- Handbook of Nature Study (an old version of the book can be seen online at that link)

Lots of extras from Ambleside (Read Alouds, Poets, Plutarch, Artists, Composers, hymns, more nature study, etc.)

I'm a little tired just looking at it all, but still excited. So much fun stuff ahead this year, can't wait to jump into it all!


Cheryl - Somewhat Crunchy said...

I like the Missionary Biographies. Biggest gets some of those in his curriculum, he LOVES biographies.

I really, really like the idea of getting your kids comfy with running a mile. I'm going to see about adding that to my schedule!

Jackie said...

I really enjoyed reading your curriculum for the upcoming year. It's nice to know that you like A Reason For Handwriting so much. We switched to it this year. I think it will be good practice for my boys.

I am intrigued by Rod and Staff. I have really never looked at them at all... so I will be sure to stop by this weekend at our curriculum fair and just check them out.

5intow said...

Cheryl, good to have a biography lover they have such a versatile application. And, getting the kids comfortable on a mile means I have to stay that way, too. :-)

Jackie,RFHW has been very good. So easy to use, too. I tear out the weekly verse sheets and keep those in the kids' permanent files, with names and dates. Rod and Staff is a no-frills curriculum, but very solid. My kids' English ability has soared since we switched a couple years ago. A fair would be a great place to get your hands on it and see if it is for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Maybe we can keep each other accountable with nature study this year. ;-)