Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekly wrap up - July 10

An amazingly productive week, with lots of fun, too. Love those weeks.

We got some solid school days in, focusing on our summer priorities. My younger girls continue to grow in their reading ability as we make sure to get that in everyday regardless of what else comes our way.

In local news:

A water tower basically in our back yard is getting a face lift and has drawn us outside more than once to see them noisily at work. Not a job I envy, but interesting to watch.

We also enjoyed an afternoon at a local, free splash park with friends one day this week. The weather worked out perfectly and added to an already fun day.

At school, we have started into Apologia's General Science book and had our first experiment. A simple observation of various liquids and objects to demonstrate the existence of atoms.

You might not be able to see it all. We first put in oil, water, then syrup. Then we added a toothpick, ice, a stone, and a grape. The toothpick floats on the very top, the ice floats on top of the water, the grape on the syrup and the rock sinks completely.

Very simple,and very easy to observe. We kept playing with the oil and water for a while then, and it remained the centerpiece on our kitchen table through a couple meals.

Finally, we have enjoyed the recent blooming of this plant we brought with us from Hawaii:

They smell amazing! I can't help pulling them off the windowsill for a sniff every time I am in the kitchen. Sweet memories.

Other than a trip to the doctor for a tick bite and nagging chest congestion we had a positive week full of lots of great family time. Always learning, always trusting. I sure couldn't do this on my own.

Enjoy more weekly wrap ups.

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Kris said...

Fun science experiment! The flower is beautiful. Ah, to daydream about Hawaii. ;-)