Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly wrap up -- the week that got away

Not sure how it happened, but somehow, this one got away.

It was T--H--I--S BIG (picture me in the best fisherman's pose with arms out stretched)!!! But, you'll just have to take my word for it, because . . . it wasn't, really.

The intent:
  • three full days of school,
  • one full day of birthday celebration,
  • lots of "spare" time to organize and clean,
  • one full day of relaxed fun as a family to kick off a three day weekend.

The reality:
  • two half days of sort-of school,
  • two half days of recovery from crazy week,
  • half day celebration,
  • running here and there,
  • more trips to the doctor,
  • weather too cool to be allowed in July when the kids just want to swim all day

But, even when plans stray from those best intentions, a good week can be had, just not the week I had expected.

We did still have our summer trio: garden, reading, and fun.

Garden -- almost the end of the strawberries. I successfully made a batch of jelly and hope to try another one. I am VERY proud of this accomplishment. And, it tastes good. But, another thing you'll just have to take my word on. The peas and beans are growing, I saw some basil peeking up. Finally seeming like summer, despite the temperatures dipping into the low 50's.

Reading -- we actually had time for silent reading this week. I love that. Something about a stretch of quiet with everyone propped up in their place with a book. The littles enjoy a book on CD, and the rest read on our own. Doesn't last much more than 20 minutes, but I savor it anyway. No new books to share, but looking forward to a couple new ones soon.

Fun -- Blake's baseball team came in first in their division. They played a pretty good last game, and it was good to end on a strong note.

- Spent a morning at Chuck E Cheese celebrating Nathan's birthday with some friends. He had a blast. Chuckie was out for about 5 minutes and I think Nathan gave him about 15 high fives in that time, while Brooke hid quaking in the tunnels waiting for him to leave.

- Played at a park without sweating up a storm. There are definite advantages to not having the typical scorching weather.

- Enjoyed an abbreviated family game night. We played Word X-Change which involves matching letters and then rearranging and adding letters to make new words. I enjoyed it a lot, that's my kind of game.

Next week, I think I will try to keep my expectations a little more in step with summer plans. Just spending these fleeting days together is what matters. I know we get to enjoy fireworks together tomorrow and then church on Sunday. Should be a great weekend!

Enjoy more weekly wrap ups.


Kris said...

Hey, every little bit that you can get done during the summer is an accomplishment. ;-)

PJ said...

Has *everybody* been sick? Of course, if you're having cool weather, then that (sort of) explains it ... hope everybody is feeling ok now!

I'm looking forward to the day when we can enjoy quiet reading time (i read in 10-minute intervals whenever i can grab a moment - typically right before bed. Sounds very relaxing!

Have a happy 4th of July!

5intow said...

Kris, thanks for that reminder. Sounds like my mantra for the week ahead. :-)

PJ, everybody has had something, but some I think were just sympathy sniffles, or me-too mania, not genuine illness. My husband and I got it the worst (he more than I). Truly silent reading is a new addition this year, and I love it!

Thanks for checking in,

Samantha said...

I love the me-too-mania and sympathy sniffles things. Too funny!!!

Dusti said...

Oh I completely understand-somehow our weeks seems to get away from me. I've had days this summer when I wonder how do I find time to school?
Sounds like you're finding time for the important things time together, outside, and reading. :)

Cheryl said...

I'm guilty of over-planning too. If have to keep reminding myself that fun is important too :)

CONGRATS on the jelly!! I want to do that so badly. This year my goal is canning some tomatoes.

Nekey said...

Sounds like a good week to me! Any progress is good, right? :)