Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh schedule

I finally did it last night.

Putting it off all summer, because I knew it was an absolutely impossible task. Ahem. Yeah, it took me all of 15 minutes.

Our homeschool schedule is officially revamped to include new subjects, books, and remove outdated time frames.

It looks like this:

9:00 -- Bible time

9:30 -- Missionary/Christian biography

9:45 -- Spelling Power

10:00 -- Math hour (I spend one-on-one time with each of my four school age kids)
During this hour the kids spend 15 minutes with me, 15 minutes each doing math on their own, typing, and handwriting.

11:00 -- English hour (same as math hour, just with English this time)
Kids spend independent time on English, music practice, and silent reading

12:00 -- PE

12:30 -- Lunch break with Daddy (always a highlight of our day!)

1:15 -- History and Science time with my three younger ones,
study hall for the older two

2:15 -- History and Science with my older two, younger three are free to engage themselves in not-too messy art projects, Legos, or other educational activities we have on hand

3:15 -- Notebooking time

3:45 -- Done for the day!

Fridays will be different. On those days we will cover all the extras after Bible time (art, composers, music, Spanish, nature study, items we get to review that don't fit elsewhere, Plutarch and Shakespeare if I stay ambitious, and piano lessons).

Always exciting to get a fresh start. I think August 17 is our official start date, although we never really quit through the summer, we do relax a bit. That will be back to the real world of homeschooling.

Tune in tomorrow for what we will actually fill those slots with.

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