Friday, July 10, 2009

Amy Carmichael -- A Chance to Die

One of those wonderful perks of homeschooling . . . I learn right along with the kids.

Elizabeth Elliot's biography on Amy Carmichael has provided lots of thought and learning. Today gave me two quotes to chew on:

In regards to Amy's time spent in free writing, "her rule being that she would never write when she could do anything else." I think I could substitute "blog" or "surf the internet" for "write." Do I really work to productively fill each moment of my day for God's glory?

This second quote gives some more balance to that thought and brought back the challenges packed into my verse for this week, "Do please, dear friends, ask that we may exchange the eagerness of the flesh for the earnestness of the Spirit and so move in the force of that Holy Wind that we shall by carried along by His great calm."

Sometimes I feel that nervous energy, program busyness, or work grown out of fear instead of faith will bring just as much pleasure to God because at least I am doing something.

However, sometimes He calls me to stillness and earnestness rather than frivolous eagerness.

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Welcome! said...

This was a VERY encouraging book for me back before we came to Peru... I think I should read it again. LOTS of serious conviction/encouragement.
Thanks for sharing :)
Trujillo, Peru
(for the next month... then back to Tarapoto)

5intow said...

Thanks for stopping in, always great to see/hear from you. I agree about the book. I love books like this that provide an intriguing, faith-filled story for my kids while giving me lots to chew on mentally and spiritually.

Great stuff!

Amanda said...

I LOVED that second quote!! I've always had a little thing inside of me that wants to homeschool just so I can do the stuff with them! LOL

Thanks for participating in the carnival!! Hope to see you back next Monday.