Thursday, February 25, 2010


We have five young Lego enthusiasts in our family.

We have endured our share of late night barefoot episodes of pain from left-out Legos.

Now and then my husband would look around for used Legos and never came up with much. Well, he had the clever idea of putting a "want ad" on Craigslist for Legos.

A few worth-while offers filtered in. Our kids bought some, and we bought some for the group of them, and then we got to work scrubbing and sorting.

We pulled out all the Megablocks since we have found they don't mix well. We will resell those at a clothing sale in the near future.

While discussing the difference between Legos and Megablocks, we found this video that pretty well sums up my kids' feelings about Megablocks now (more of these are available on Youtube as well):

And, then for the creating. . . Our kids have come up with some amazing stuff, and my husband has helped the younger ones with some of their desired creations. Because we don't have many acutal sets, just bins and bins of pieces, they come up with their own designs and masterpieces.

I love this soccer set that allows them to actually play a game after assembled:

My husband and older son also spent quite a bit of time putting a video together. My son would especially appreciate if you jump over to YouTube and take a look.

A lot of work, but also a learning experience. The wheels are already turning for another movie as well.

Legos have provided an entertaining and affordable way to spend time together as a family. Even the cleaning was a group project. Lots of Lego-induced smiles all around.


AFwife99 said...

How fun and what a way to stimulate creativity. My kids have never played with legos very much- both girly girls- but maybe it would be good to start accumulating some. Love the soccer game!

6intow said...


I have been surprised to see its popularity grow in my house as the girls are the main one in the age group to enjoy them right now.

My seriously princessy girl (10yo) is the one who creates the most amazing houses. The boys make cars and towers to crash them into, the girls make houses to play "house" in.

Definitely their own approaches, but I was surprised to see how much even the girls have enjoyed this. ;)

Lisa said...

My kids love legos! Any time they have any money that is what they buy, or ask for on their birthdays. Even Anthony (4) will follow directions step by step on a new lego set, and of course all the creations they make up are amazing. Loved the soccer game!

Amy in Peru said...

we are crazy lego-lovers here too. we have that soccer set as well! but I don't think we've ever assembled it and now all the pieces would be rather difficult to sort out I think!

mine are into the castle figures right now. grandparents and aunts and uncles have been feeding that craziness over the last several holidays.

fun. fun.

amy in peru