Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Balancing the age range

A blog carnival of fellow crew members is posted over at the TOS Crew's blog. This is a fairly new weekly feature that will cover topics of importance to homeschoolers each Tuesday. This week's topic is focused on helping you school multiple ages at the same time and managing babies and toddlers while homeschooling.

Need some encouragement or tips in this area? Whether you have two or a dozen you will likely find some ideas to help your focus.


{ jamie } said...

I missed this, but need to check it out. Still getting used to doing 3rd grade & 8th grade at the same time. ;)

6intow said...

Jamie, definitely go back and check it out. It is a greater challenge having an age spread, but there are definitely some tips to easing the gap. Hope you find some helpful ideas!