Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A few quick links to share . . .

Someone asked about my craft resources for my kids, so here are some of them (although often I just Google "kids crafts" and see what intrigues me that week, or fits whatever we might be studying):

Family Fun
Early learning activities
Kids Sunday School (this last site doesn't have much, but I have gotten a few good Bible related craft ideas to tie into our Bible time)

Here's a couple other unrelated sites that I found recently:

Jelly Telly (from the Veggie Tales people. It has videos on it for the kids to watch. They are hoping to build this into a Christian kids TV station, but for now it is just online)

Eagle Cam (a webcam of an eagle's nest, live and natural)

A reading incentive program your child can participate in online (register as a teacher and then your kids can sign in and earn free stuff by passing a quiz on the books they read). Your classroom can only be one grade, so I just put a middle grade and didn't worry about it. The questions on the quizzes correspond to the grade level of the book, not the class you listed, so it seems to work out well. I haven't used this long enough to get rewards yet, but we are excited about it.

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