Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: WeE-books

Power packed, and reasonably priced, WeE-books provide just enough information to swallow in one sitting and get you back on your feet again.

These endearing little e-books cover a variety of topics (37 and counting) pertinent to homeschooling.

From unit studies to inspirational writing,
some geared for the student and others for the teacher,
ranging from lighthearted to meaty,
exploring both the academic and the relational,
and spanning topics that will intrigue the novice and the veteran.

In choosing three of these nuggets to review I had a tough time narrowing the list, but decided on the following:

E-Book: <span class= Fall Harvest: Where's the Fruit?

Passing along my faith remains a core value for me, and Deborah Wuehler offered some encouragement as I look, sometimes unsuccessfully, for the fruit in my children's lives. She looks at each age grouping and examines what to expect, how to tend our "plants," challenges us to not grow lazy, and gently prods to stay the course. It is a great reminder that fruit takes time and will come as the Holy Spirit interacts with our child personally. I should not give up, and neither should I become discouraged when the fruit seems long in coming. She helps us see the fruit, or, more often, the promise of the fruit to come. A good reminder that God continues to work in my own life as well.

Following The Iditarod E-Book: <span class=

As the Iditarod has become one of our annual schoolfellows, I looked eagerly to this book to consolidate information and offer a new spark for next year's study. It did not disappoint. Author Dena Wood shared websites and links as well as how to put together a great unit study while following the "Last Great Race." She offers insight into incorporating math, science, Language Arts, Bible, geography, and many other subjects along with worksheets (with answer keys) and lots of copy work pages for you to print right off and use. This book offers a great, easy to pick up and put-to-use study of the Iditarod.

E-Book: <span class= Beating the Summertime Blues

I absolutely love homeschooling my kids, but I do really look forward to summer, too. However, come July I actually find our summer schedule a little monotonous (swim, dry off, swim again), but Kim Kautzer has given me a few more tricks to pull out in those days that will arrive quicker than we can even dig out the swim suit. She encourages homeschool moms to refresh, retreat a bit, and refill their own energy levels. Then, jump in and enjoy the summer. She offers a great balance of ideas including light academics, exploration, and plain old fun. I had already decided we would spend some time on creative writing this summer and she has stimulated my thinking even further. I look forward to building more special memories at home and around the community thanks to the ideas she shared.

Just the pick-me-ups and inspirations that I expected from the WeEbook line of books. Now I need to decide which of the other 34 titles to choose next! How about you?

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