Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: HomeWork

I believe that homeschooling and book-a-holism are codependent. And, thanks to the advent of ebooks we can take this obsession to a whole new level, without ever leaving our computer.

The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) has many ebooks to support our habit and encourage us on our journey. One of their recent releases helps address the challenge of balancing gainful employment in the home and homeschooling. As I have walked this road myself, I was eager to hear what these brave moms had to share.

E-Book: HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing - Click Image to Close

HomeWork offers a transparent collage of business ideas and daily challenges (with solutions) in the ever difficult balancing act of the work at home, busy-every-spare-minute-of-the-day, homeschooling mom. While others may see them as super moms, or three headed monsters as one contributor quipped, these women know the complexities of their schedules and the impossibility of the daily task ahead of them.

Some life learned lessons they share include:

- Prioritizing and flexibility

- Getting used to a little chaos and mess

- Blending school and work tasks for unconventional education opportunities for the kids

- Following your dreams and interests

Some areas in which they offer practical tips:

- Software and programs that helped them get started

- A myriad of income sources that you could pursue

- Websites and online resources

- Creative scheduling solutions

Just some of the many jobs represented by the contributors:

- Running a Bed and Breakfast

- Writing and publishing

- Recycling jeans

- Selling books

- Travel consultant

In these times of tough economic situations, many homeschool moms feel pulled into the workplace to help supplement the family income. HomeWork can help provide the ideas, practical steps, and inspiration to help you stay at home and still bring in the needed additional income.

These situations will not work for everyone or in every home, but these personal stories can help you begin to ask the questions needed to evaluate if it would fit in your home. The contributors talk plainly about learning curves, limited income, long hours, and at times little sleep. It is not an easy path, but it is possible, and can offer incredible rewards even beyond the money.

Others already squeeze work and schooling into their daily lives and feel the drain and stress. HomeWork offers wisdom others have learned from walking in those shoes as well. God will give us the strength we need to accomplish all He has for us to do, and this book can help you in that journey to find encouragement and strength to not grow weary in well doing.

HomeWork, complete with need-to-know organizational advice, resources, and inspiration, is available on the TOS website for just $12.45, in the form of an instantly downloadable ebook.

Take a minute to pick one up and in a matter of minutes you can be inspired as well.

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