Friday, April 10, 2009

Sharing Footprints -- Formula for success?

Here is what often comes across when we talk about parenting:

Committed parent + perfect parenting technique = well behaved kids

Well, that's only partly true. More realistically:

God-fearing, loving parent + consistently implemented (as much as humanly possible) parenting technique = kids that generally will show improvement rather than regression

In writing this series I did not want to portray the thinking that we just need to find the right tricks or techniques to produce perfect children all the time. My kids will cease sinning when they cross the same threshold that I need to cross for that to happen -- the one that takes us into eternity. Until then, we have this nagging old nature that will continue to trip us up regardless of the power and perfection of God. That is the truth of the world He has allowed us to live in for the time being.

We should see improvement, and we should not ignore behaviors and attitudes that need attention, but we should not expect to eradicate sin from our home through consistent implementation of the "right" method. Our children remain human, full of their own personality, character, quirks, and pitfalls. But, we can prayerfully lead them in the right direction and help them to continue to find greater success as they surrender their wills to His.

And often, along the way, we will learn a lot as well.


Cindy said...

Amen! I often think, "So this is how God sees me," when I am disciplining my son. It is such a learning experience, and such a Christian experience, to have children.

5intow said...

So true, Cindy, I have often in my parenting journey revelled in the Spiritual truths that took on greater depths. Some things you just can't understand the same way until you are a parent.