Friday, April 3, 2009

Sharing Footprints -- Mommy's time share program

Mom, can you play with me?

Mom, can you hold me?

Mom, can you read this to me?

Mom, I'm hungry.

Mom, can you play catch with me?

Some days I need a clone, maybe a few.
Much of our day is structured -- chores, school, meals, bedtime, etc. Those snippets of time here and there, and the times before and after our day clips along I find myself peppered with these questions. And, of course, I still want, or need, to find time for my Bible time, paperwork, and other essentials.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help me pack more into those precious minutes I have with my kids, because, as I said before, you've got to have fun with them. And, these eighteen years are going way to fast.

- Say 'yes'! If I can, I do. Even if it's just five minutes before dinner needs fixing or phone calls need making. I can usually squeeze a few minutes in for a game or book and still get done what i need to.

- Set a timer. One of Flylady's old tricks. Maybe I can't stop just then, but I know in 15 minutes I can. Or, maybe I already have something going with another child. I set the timer for ten minutes and finish up our together time, then moving on to the next heart that needs filling.

- Multitask. I rarely have my Bible time without a child in my lap at some point. I wouldn't want to miss those warm, sleepy good-morning snuggles anyway. I can play board games in between stirring dinner. I can do a puzzle with one child while pausing to read a page now and then to a second one.

-Cut things out, if needed. If I find myself running so fast that I can't stop for a few minutes something needs to change. And, God gave me these kids, so they come before outside obligations. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made. Not that kids can't benefit from learning to wait now and then, but they still need to be our priority.

These secrets help me to show special love each day to each individual child.

What are some ways you have found to cater to your children's unique interests?

How do you manage more than one clamoring for attention?

Those with one child, how do you balance what you need to get done and time with your child?

Any verses that encourage you or your children in these situations?

I would love to hear how others capture these moments and keep the balance.

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