Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a window

Some little thoughts I just had . . .

Old Window by Madddy ~ very busy

I'm really just a window
For others to see through
Nothing in and of myself --
What matters is the view

I pray I don't drowned out,
With flecks of dirt and streaks,
The message God displays
For those He loves and seeks.

His majesty and wisdom,
His sovereignty and love,
Come shining gently through
So clearly from above.

Just as a simple pane of glass
I cannot boast a story.
The scenery that lies beyond
Contains the only glory.

I'm not much of a poet, but somehow this kept coming out in verse, so I kind of left it as is, maybe Amy Carmichael is seeping in to my thinking. In preparing a devotional for tomorrow's Keeper's club these thoughts struck me. I'll share more of the rest of the devotional when I have time this weekend, I hope.

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Awesome Erin! Are you sure you guys can't come over for dinner?:)