Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer requests

in prayer by ypoons_55.

If you have not already, please take a peak at the comments section of the Verse of the Week post for this week. I am starting a new habit of asking for prayer requests for the week ahead along with this weekly post.

If you have an area that you would like to ask prayer for (as specific or vague as you are comfortable with), please post a comment. I will pray through these throughout the week and I encourage you to pray for the other needs mentioned as well.

Thank you to those who have already posted and prayed.

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. ~Jeremiah 33:3


Bridget said...

This is wonderful Erin!
I used to think, even as a young Christian that god did not have time for my simple requests. Didn't feel worthy of bothering Him with my piddly problems. but in the last year especially I have witnessed that true power of prayer. i confess I used to only pray when I needed things. But now! I will drop my head in a moments notice just to Thank God for a beautiful sunset or pray for someone in church I may hear is going through a rough patch.

Please pray for me and my husband as we are trying to have kids. i am becoming very discouraged and upset with every month that goes by. I daily remind myself that I am not in control of it. I so want to be in control but it is not my place to be in control. Thanks so much! Blessings!!

5intow said...

Bridget, My heart aches with you! Thank you for sharing. Our society has taught loudly that birth is something we control, but that isn't accurate. As you realize, it is one thing to know God is in control and quite another to rest in faith.

I can't imagine the roller coaster you must go through each month. Know that my prayers will definitely follow this emotional trail with you.