Saturday, March 8, 2008

The results are in . . .

A successful day of bargain hunting, as well as emptying my closets of unneeded items.

Today I first went to shop at the used clothing sale, and arrived with only 20 minutes left due to a number of unavoidable situations with my children. Such is life. I spent about $50 on the above 27 pieces of clothing (5 jeans, a few dresses, 6 shorts/skorts, 8 shirts, and a few skirts). I great addition to my children's summer clothes already acquired for the coming season. My favorite purchase was an Easter dress for my oldest daughter for $2! She loves it.

Then, for the even better news, I should have a check coming in a few weeks for at least $200 for the items I sold. I posted yesterday about buying and selling at a children's clothing sale, and today put it all into practice. Here is my before pile to sell:

And, what I picked up at the end of the sale:

Just the way I like to wrap up a sale, more clothing and toys left our house than came in, and more money coming in than going out.

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Niki said...

Wow..that was great!