Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pie making

Yesterday an unusual thing happened. My kids decided they wanted to bake some pies. My husband brought home some extra graham cracker crust tart tins from work a while back and they have been itching to do something with them.

Well, yesterday was our first day back into school after standardized testing so we had a lot to do, and Brooke was throwing up every few hours, so I didn't really have time to supervise a cooking project. But, part of the joy of homeschooling is teaching kids more independence in learning. So, when Blake said he wanted to make an apple pie, I said, "Go ahead." Then Paige said she wanted to make a butternut squash pie (just like pumpkin, but a great way to use up the abundance of butternut squash our garden produced last summer.) Again I said, "Go ahead."

Now, we cook together sometimes, but I usually do all the directing and recipe reading. I was eager to see what they could accomplish on their own. They were cutting the recipes in half so we wouldn't have too many mini pies around, and I helped Paige a little with those calculations (in between cleaning the carpet and schooling Faith). Blake made his pies completely on his own and they turned out amazing! He put a crumb topping on them, so he didn't have a crust to make, but I was still very impressed. He chopped all the apples, added all the other ingredients and filled the pie shells. Delicious!

Paige needed a little help now and then (like, figuring out how to get 1 1/2 eggs . . . ) But, for the most part she also completed this task on her own. She was so proud of herself and her pies were equally delicious. Sometimes I underestimate just what they can accomplish on their own. However, if kids acquire motivation, independence, and the ability to figure things out on their own, they can do just about anything. Even, make and bake a pie on their own when they are ten or eight.


Anonymous said...

How awesome for the kids. I also underestimate my kids abilities in the kitchen many times. How fun your kids were able to make these treats.

Lisa said...

I think it is great that you gave them the freedom to do it on their own instead of doing it for them. What a wondeful accomplishment!

By the way, you have been tagged. Check out my blog for details.