Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting to know you . . .

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7 facts about myself

1. Out of 7 girls trying out for cheerleading at my high school, 6 would make it. I was the one that didn’t (this is always a great excuse to not be the cheerleading coach at the schools I have worked at) People don’t ask twice when they hear that.

2. I lived on an island in the Bahamas for a year

3. I like to learn foreign languages, or at least parts of them. I can say, “I don’t speak _____” in at least 5 different languages. And can say various words and phrases in 10 languages (English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Hungarian, sign language, german, Japanese, Chinese, Telegu)

4. I am the fifth of seven kids, named in alphabetical order (Aileen, Beth, Cindy, Dave, Erin, Flynn, and Grant)

5. In college I worked at a Bible club in the housing projects and one week a drive by shooting had us hitting the ground as bullets landed in the grass and hit the fences nearby. We met in the community center after that.

6. I like to eat just about everything except cherry pie, ginger, and cranberry sauce

7. My husband delivered our fourth child in the front seat of the car, in the 7-11 parking lot four blocks from the hospital.

Maybe some day I will have to elaborate on some of those . . .

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Lisa said...

Those are some interesting things to know about you.

BTW I fixed your link on my blog. I am not a very good typist, sorry!