Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting to know you . . . part 2

In the spirit of sharing some more personal data about myself, here is another 'tag' I received and figured I would post my answers here as well. If anyone wants to borrow this format to share about yourself on your blog, feel free!

Four jobs I have had in my life

1. Teacher
2. Houseparent
3. Janitor
4. waitress

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. Princess Bride
2. UHF
3. Monsters Inc.

4. Cheaper by the Dozen

Four Places I have lived:

1. Savannah Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas
2. Winfeild,Il

3. Elk Grove Village, IL

4. Chicago, IL

Four T.V. Shows that I watch:
1. the amazing race 2. The office 3. Survivor

(I don't watch these consistently, but I enjoy them when I have the time.)

Four places I have been:
1. Israel

2. Hungary

3. India

4. Scotland

Four favorite foods:
2. Thai
3. Chinese

Four Places I would like to visit:
1. New Zealand

2. Thailand

3. Tanzania

4. Galapagos Islands

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Trip to Washington DC with hubby and kids in the summer, hopefully
2. Hawaii (just the two of us -- excited, but a little nervous about this one)!!! for our 15th anniversary, well somewhere around there
3. Enjoying outings with my kids with no diapers!
4. Summer, and setting up our pool!

Anyone inspired to share their own 4's?

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Lisa said...

You inspired me!