Thursday, March 6, 2008

Frugal Friday -- buying children's clothes
I already posted about selling your unneeded children's clothing, but what about buying what we need for the upcoming season?

Well, I have learned some tips in that area over the years as well. This doesn't require quite the description that selling does, so here are some bullet points to help you shop well.

Before you shop:

- Check you storage areas! I don't know how often I have bought something then got into the season and realized I did not need it. Too many pants, too many shirts, etc. Know what you have, know what you need.

- Write a list. Don't assume you will remember what you need. If you can afford it, allow for extras of items you know your child will wear out -- like pants for boys in the 3-10 age range! I can't ever seem to get enough to last the season.

- Set a budget. Enough said, shop smart, not impulsively. Bring money. :-)

- Bring what you need (laundry basket, garbage bag, etc.) to carry your purchases around with you. Some sales have restrictions on these, so check before going.

- Anticipate child care needs. Some sales don't allow children or strollers. Find out so you can prepare accordingly. Sometimes I bring my kids, sometimes I don't. It depends on my husband's schedule, my kids' ages at the time, and my mood, unfortunately.

- Check for half price sale times. These can offer even greater savings, but usually only certain items designated by the seller are half off.

While you shop:

- Stick to your lists and budget.

- Grab what you think you need as you go through the tables and racks.

- Don't overbuy. Just because you find 20 shirts that are a great price, your child probably doesn't need that many. Buy what you determined you needed, no more.

- Probably the most important step: sort through your clothes before you check out. Everything is sold as is. Look carefully for stains, holes, broken zippers, loose snaps and buttons. Know what you are buying, and put it back if it is not worth the price.

After you shop:

- Go through your purchases, remove tags, wash everything and put it away until you need it. My kids love helping with this part and ooh-ing over how little money I spent on it all.

- Note what you may still need to look around for at other sales, garage sales, or thrift stores

Praise God for his provision!!!

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Anonymous said...

These are great tips. I have trouble not purchasing 20 of something just because they are a great deal. I also tend to get caught up in the moment and buy things that have a hole that I didn't notice.
Thanks for the reminder and the advice on my blog.