Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hand Play

My younger two love hand games, as do most preschool aged kids. So, after I repeated pat-a-cake for the millionth time, I realized that I would much rather my kids repeated Bible stories and truths time and time again.

So, I set to work creating Bible hand games borrowing motions and rhymes from other well known hand games. I have a couple that we all enjoy, and here is a video of Faith, Brooke, Nathan, and myself doing 'Moses and Aaron.' I will print the words below in case you don't catch them.

Moses and Aaron

Moses and Aaron shared God's plan.
Ten plagues, Pharoah said, "Leave my land."

Israel quickly packed, God led the way.
Egypt chased, Israel raced
Through on dry land.

Then Nathan says, "Now we done." I guess it took too many practice runs to get the final copy :)

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