Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just for fun

This week we have the opportunity to enjoy some true rest and relaxation. I love these times of just being together at home. Nothing to run out and get done, no appointments, no work outside of housework (which, admittedly is enough by itself -- but this week I can actually keep up with it), just a time for getting things in order and having lots of fun together.

My son wanted to pull out the potato cannon and dust it off for some fun. So, we pulled it out of the closet, along with a few potatoes that are sprouting quite a bit anyway.

We found this in a book we received as a gift a few years ago. This book, Backyard Ballistics, has a lot of intriguing projects, especially enjoyed by boys. This is the largest project we have attempted from its pages, but it does also have a number of quick and easy 'ballistic' projects. My husband adapted this cannon to accommodate a smaller launch tube so we didn't have to spend a fortune on the larger baking potatoes. It runs on starter fluid and a little spark for some impressive results.

First, you stuff the canon with a potato that fills the opening. We used a long stick to push it down, just like the old days.

A squirt of starter fluid in the back and quick, close it up. It's ready for launch!

If we didn't have to keep coming inside to warm up our hands we would have enjoyed this more, but some good fun nonetheless.

Inside, we tipped the couches in the great room over, put the cushions all on the floor and made our monster fort. The kids like to sleep out there at night. Kind of like camping without having to leave the living room. It helps that there are couches to seat 20 so it is rather roomy, but definitely not something we can do when all of our boys are with us.

Forts, no matter what the size, create innumerable imaginative experiences, even if just for housing an afternoon snack or tea party. The great thing is there is no wrong way to make them. All you need are couches or chairs and some sheets or blankets. Kids' imaginations run wild once they have a tent, hideout, castle, or headquarters that they helped put together.

More cleaning and playing calling my name!

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Toni said...

Great post!Sounds like you guys had alot of fun!