Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

With yesterday being Valentine's Day I heard many stories of people married for extraordinary numbers of years. It reminds me of so much of what is lost in our society today. I love hearing about couples that have been married 'forever.' I look forward to those days with my husband, looking back at these busy times with young children underfoot from a distance and treasuring these times all the more. I firmly believe that so much of what makes our marriage a good one (aside from the amazing husband that God blessed me with) is faithfulness. The two of us have committed to each other from the beginning to be committed until "death separates us temporarily." The only option is working together to be as happy as possible and honor God in our home, family, and marriage on a daily basis.

Last night as we went to sleep my husband apologized that the gift he had tried to order for me had somehow fallen through and been canceled. I think he is more disappointed than I. I would have loved it, and appreciate his thoughtfulness, but I can bask in his love for me with or without the present in hand. He said he had the receipt to show for it, but not the gift he had planned.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to facetiously reuse the 'excuse' though. I told him, "Yeah, same for me. I, uh, tried to get you that, um, what was it you wanted?" He didn't fall for it.

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