Thursday, February 28, 2008

Laughter doeth good like a medicine -- and sleep isn't bad either

This week has brought with it numerous stresses into our home, both big and small. Decisions regarding the future bombard us as we pray for wisdom and seek to make the best choices, with so much unknown just over the next hill. Little things abound from illnesses, to fingers cut while opening a can to forgetting to put baking soda in the cookies (after having already started a batch of chocolate chip cookies with only 1/2 a bag of chips left on hand.) Yet, through it all, God is good.

As I type this that song pops into my head, "He lifts me up! I get down, He lifts me up! I get down, He lifts me up!" Often the cycle in our God controlled lives, as our flesh tries to battle for control. Through all the stress this week, sleep comes only at a minimum, as usual. And, yet today this amazing family that God gave me was just what I needed. This morning as my alarm went off my husband rolled over and said he would get up and take care of things and I could sleep a little more. I so needed that. He lifts me up!

Then, this afternoon, take two on our cookies I said they could each make a cookie to eat. Yeah, can you guess which ones are theirs? They crack me up. And if you are wondering what Brooke is doing, Blake said, "Bunny ears!" She didn't know what he meant, so she gave herself bunny ears.

He lifts me up!

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