Monday, February 25, 2008

Greasing pans


I have kitchen tips to share!

Sometimes we are so used to doing things that we don't realize how much easier our life has become thanks to these habits.

There are two simple ways I grease my pans that seem to make meal prep easier.

- The first is thanks to Pampered Chef. I really wanted to get away from canned cooking spray and Pampered Chef sells this nifty, refillable spray bottle that you fill with your own oil, pressurize by pumping air into it, and then spray onto your pans. I bought this a couple years ago and have saved so much money, not to mention the health benefits, by using olive oil and refilling this handy spray bottle as often as necessary.

- The second is a simple silicon brush that my husband picked up in a four pack on clearance at Target (I didn't figure you needed to see all four, with two I think you get the picture). I use this for sooo many things now. I keep it near the butter dish for greasing pots and pans, spreading butter on waffles and cinnamon rolls, as well as any regular pastry brush uses. Best of all, I don't have to pick bristles out of my food! So simple, and made my life so much simpler!

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Sonshine said...

Might have to find me some of those brushes!

as for the Pampered Chef spritzer, I didn't like mine cause it got all clogged up with oil and made it hard to use.

Fox Family said...

I have been wanting to get a spritzer from pampered chef, that is about the only thing I don't have from them. Thanks for the tip and the comment on my blog. Have a blessed Day!!!!!!!!