Friday, February 15, 2008

Full week

Wrapped up another full week of work. A little drained, but that's okay, a restful weekend stretches out before us. Ha! Now, we need to tackle all the projects that we didn't have time for in this overstuffed week. This is the way things go, they ebb and flow, and right now, things are really flowing. Before I go fold those six or so loads of laundry that somehow at least got washed this week, I wanted to blog about our great club we had at our house today.

This school year I started up a Keeper's at Home and Contender's of the Faith club. We meet once a month with about 9 families and about 24 kids total. The club has been better than I envisioned for the first year, and I look forward to being able to put even more time into it next year.

As homeschoolers I love this opportunity to hit on some of the non-academics that I need to teach my kids. This year we have done decoupage, letter writing, prayer, and today baking. There is so much to learn in life beyond math, science, reading, social studies, etc. This gives us a great framework to do just that. Today we baked pretzels together and talked about baking in general. The kids all did a great job, made a big mess and cleaned it up, and hopefully learned how to use even as practical an act as baking to honor God.

I would encourage anyone looking for a framework for all of those 'extras' we want to teach our kids to look into this program. It can be done as an individual family, with a small group of families, or as a larger club. It is flexible to almost any situation and is extremely cost efficient. We are having a great time with it, and I foresee using it for quite a while with my kids.

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