Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wfmw -- quick change

Very soon we will welcome a new bundle of joy to our home (10 more days or so, but is anyone really keeping track?) And, along with that little miracle will come more laundry, night time feedings, diaper changes, worries and joys, and lots of loving.

In getting the crib ready for the first night home from the hospital, I remembered a favorite time saver that I have used with my past few little ones. A tip that I wish I had known thirteen years ago when we brought our first baby home.

So simple, but this makes such a difference in the middle of the night. When making the baby's bed, think layers. First the mattress cover, then a sheet, then another waterproof mattress cover, then another sheet. And, if I have it to spare I do yet another layer.

Why? Well, it is one of those extra steps that you don't often appreciate until 2 a.m. You know those nights, when the diaper didn't quite make it until the next change. Or, the spit up decided to shower the nice clean crib sheets. Or some other bodily fluid has made the crib no longer a comfortable night time haven.

Rather than having to set the baby down while you strip the crib mattress and remake it, you simply pull off the top sheet and mattress cover and baby and bed are ready to reconnect.

I cannot tell you how many nights this simple time saver has been such a relief and blessing to me. I hope that some of you will find some relief in this tip as well.

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Anonymous said...

I used the same trick with my daughter with grateful results.

Good luck with your new little one!

Courtney said...

A great tip! I think it works well into later years when kids vomit and wet the bed. =)

I have been thinking of you and wondering when your new arrival is due. Will certainly be holding you and your family in prayer.


6intow said...

Shell, glad you have enjoyed this in the past as well. ~Thank you!

Courtney, I could see this having long term benefits as well. Thank you for your prayers!


L2L said...

Yep, it is a time saver during those potty training years!!!!! 10 days wow, that is awesome. I was always late with my children so trying to count towards the ended seemed like torture at times, lol!!!!

Kim said...

Wow! This really is a great idea! We're quickly approaching potty training in my house and I really think this could come in handy (because I am a zombie in the middle of the night). Thanks for the tip!

Visiting from WFMW!

6intow said...

L2L, I'm trying not to fixate on the 10 days too much. I think I can handle "one more day" a few days in a row better than I can handle "two more weeks" right now. :-)

Kim, I feel the same way in the middle of the night. Hope this makes your nights a little less stressful when needed.

Thank you!

Lisa said...

Great tip! It's bad enough having to change the baby in a zombie like state, but to do the crib also is a nightmare! Prayers for you during labor, delivery, and recovery, for a healthy little one, and for the rest of your family!

Julie said...

what a great idea. Wish I had heard it years ago. =)