Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two weeks full of treasure

I know eventually I need to get back to the real world, but for now we get to sit and enjoy.

Our week wraps around this precious little guy. Sometimes life events call us to take a break from our normal routine and enjoy those special events. I am so grateful that we completed our regular school year so we can really cherish this time without that hanging over us. These days pass too quickly, and each one comes packed full of everyday treasures so easily missed through half open, sleep-deprived eyes.

Snuggled up times of nursing.

Tiny fingers wrapped around mine.

Living crib mobiles.

Newborn squeaks.

Quivery smiles.

Not enough baby to go around.

Stillness and calm like no other.

Cheeks as soft as air.

Cringing at the sound of a fresh diaper getting filled back up.

Shirts that looked so small a month ago are really too big.

Feet the size of my thumb.

Lots of pictures to capture each moment.

Changing everyday.

New normal.

Sweetness personified.

Two weeks already explored, treasured, enjoyed, and past.


joelle said...

So sweet! What a joy and blessing!

chubbycheeks said...

Congrats! He is precious. My baby is 6 months old now ;(

MommaMindy said...

My heart melted with your words, "not enough baby to go around."

With #5 and #6 I had so many eager hands to hold baby, I didn't need a swing or a playpen.

I love hearing about all the blessing that is abounding in your home.

Hodgepodgemom said...

Beautiful family times! Beautiful post.

Tristan said...

So happy for you!

Courtney said...

You capture it all so beautifully. Thank you for the glimpse of how wonderful babies are.

Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

awww, he is so precious! Babies are such blessings.

Wonder Mom said...

Your post is so poetic...just lovely!

jenniferO said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You make me long for a little one myself!