Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekly wrap up -- March 13

Wow! What a week! Last week I stayed off my computer by choice and enjoyed lots of extra this, among other things:

This week I stayed off the computer by force . . . lots of activities throughout the week and part of a day with our phone and internet down.

Quick sum up of last week . . . We have enjoyed checking out programs offered by local park districts. These are often free or very inexpensive and are great for a short field trip to break up the week.

Some great hand puppets for the kids to play with

The Three Bears exhibit compared the polar bear, the brown bear and the grizzly bear with lots of information about each one.

They had engaging books to read with the kids, height comparison charts,

samples of fur, bones, and scat (fake), and even a Geosafari game to test your knowledge.

We enjoyed some beautiful weather before a dip back into winter this week, and ended the week with snow cones on the porch.

This week the kids finished up their pinewood derby cars for Thursday night's race.

None of them placed, but I thought they turned out really well and they all had lots of fun enjoying the event and seeing all the other cars.

Faith's is the hot dog, Blake's is the car pictured on top.

Paige decorated hers as the US flag

We also hosted the monthly Keeper's Club. My parents led the meeting with a detailed look at seeds and gardening.

My mom enjoys plants and working the soil and shared so much information about seeds, plants, composting, and a variety of other related topics. I saved her notes and will type them up here in the future. Lots of great tips for gardening!

They brought a variety of seed samples for the kids to look at and sort through . . . milk weed, silver dollar plants, beets, carrots, hollyhocks, carrots, dill, chives, and many more. The kids sorted them into milk cartons and labeled them to take with them.

My kids enjoyed showing off their plants --

Blake's avacado

Faith's Stefanotus

And our week-old sprouts for this summer's garden.

We will be taking next week off mostly for our spring break since my husband is off work. We still have co-op on Monday, but other than that we look forward to a relaxing week together.

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Shannon and Alex said...

What a great week! I would have loved to have spent the week with you all. (I can't get off the computer though :p )

Nekey said...

I am amzed that you were able to stay away from the computer. I was just telling my dd that I wasn't getiing back on here today! :-)

Sounds like a fun couple of weeks.. enjoy your week off.

Kris said...

Great pictures! It looks like you all had a really fun week. You've inspired me to see if I can grow my own avacado plant. Goodness know we would enjoy our own fresh guacamole. ;-)

And, I love the hot dog derby car. Too cute!

5intow said...

Staying away from the computer wasn't always easy, and I did still check email, but only once or twice a day (rather than the 5-10 times I often do). It really helped to reestablish my priorities. I know it can't work for everyone since many people have work or other essentials on their computer.

Kris, just so you know, that avacado 'tree' has been 2 1/2 years in the making. I think he might be able to have home grown guacamole for his wedding at this rate. :-) And, we can't ever plant it outside because it freezes so hard all winter here. He has plans to rig up a giant rolling cart to bring his 10 foot tree in for the winter in a decade.

I think we just need to move somewhere warm.


HappyHermit said...

Thank You for taking the time to share.

gina said...

What a fun week- lots of hands on learning!! I love that bear display- I think it's so neat the kids could measure themselves against them! Those derby cars cam out great- how cute was that hot dog one?! lol. And your kids plants are looking great!

Anonymous said...

I love the hand-on activities that you do! It sounds like a lot of fun! :) We've been trying to stay away from the computer more too!