Monday, March 23, 2009

Sharing Footprints -- The Unpredictable Journey

When I first stared into those grey-blue eyes and noticed the whisps of red hair on his newborn head, I breathed a sign of relief that it was "over." Little did I know that it had only just begun.

The journey that started that day never gets dull and is not for the faint of heart. We attempted to prepare. We practiced through borrowing other people's children, attended classes, read books, and talked of our dreams and expectations.

Parenting does not compare to any other life experience. You can't study for it like a test; can't rehearse for it like a play; can't practice for it like a sport; and can't get a do-over when it goes sour. When you realize you aren't quite ready for what it is throwing at you, you are already five minutes too late to regroup.

Not to say we come at it with no hope and no resources. It is a journey we walk with choices, wrong turns, shady paths, and stormy skies. We learn from others and from our own experience, but we never know for sure what we will encounter around the next bend.

We will make mistakes. We will need to ask forgiveness. God will forgive us, and often our kids have an incredible soft spot for a sincere apology as well.

Over the next few weeks I plan to share some of what we have learned and implemented in our home with our kids. We have learned both from mistakes and successes and found incredible joy in parenting each, unique child God has blessed us with. That joy is key and that is where we will start, next time . . .

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Jodi said...

So true about kids and sincere apologies - I've noticed that, too. I will definitely be bookmarking this and reading this series!