Monday, March 30, 2009

Verse of the Week -- Proverbs 6:23

I could not imagine parenting my children without the Bible. People have written many informative, helpful books about the subject, but without the authority and stability of the Word of God I simply could not manage.

Take this morning for example. I started the day right with my quiet time, putting on His armor, fully aware that I walked in His strength. Before our school day even began I could not believe the glaring faults in my children's habits (and hence, in my own consistent training of them). They played instead of worked, they neglected tasks, they ignored responsibilities, and argued about who should take care of an unassigned chore. I felt my frustration growing. And then I paused.

Less than two hours earlier I had basked in His presence and surrendered the day to Him. What kind of offering did I bring that included these thoughts and as of yet unsaid words. Mentally I redressed in His armor. His soothing peace in control once again. I called the children to the school room for Bible time. It couldn't wait.

We had to put into practice the truth of Proverbs 6:23, "For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life." It was not time for my nagging or overreacting. It was time for His word to flush out the impurities, in all of us.

Every trouble that we face, can find peace from His Word. Every sin that we must conquer, victory is in those pages. Every habit that needs breaking, finds strength right there. Every darkness trembles at the exposing light of the Scriptures. We hold the answers, we just need to remember to turn to them.

I Corinthians 10:13 offers an almost unbelievable promise about the love and power of God in the face of temptation. It encourages us with the fact that we don't face anything new, and God gives us a way out even in the midst of temptation. We can stand up under it, because He said so.

The conversation that followed was not easy. We confronted the growing critical spirit in our household. Critical of each other, our responsibilities, our expectations, ourselves. Satan was on the move, and we needed to stand up together. Nothing could direct us aside from Scripture. His law lights the way we should travel. The instruction, discipline, and admonishing of Scripture spoke all we needed to hear. In those words we would find the way of life.

We stopped and did something that I have never done with my kids collectively, we got on our knees together and prayed for 15 minutes. It seemed too short to me, but maybe too long for my kids. It set the bar for the day though. We recognized our enemy, our goal, and our marching orders.

The rest of the morning provided ample opportunity to lovingly point out the subtle workings of this critical spirit. We all wanted to get rid of it, recognized its risks. It is a dangerous houseguest. For now he may just be in a closet, but I pray that through the continued work of the Holy Spirit, we will kick him out entirely.

For the commandment is a lamp;
and the law is light;
and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.

~Proverbs 6:23~

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