Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is me with internet withdrawal

Yikes! On Saturday this amazing deluge of rain we have enjoyed (using that term loosely), knocked out our internet service.

What do I do?

Unfortunately, cables need replacing, major works needs doing, and I sit, saving blog posts to my Word documents to post . . . some time. I don’t have many, as it came on a weekend when I post less anyway, and a few days off now and then can refresh and refocus.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed the rain . . .

My kids learned to use “vortex” as a verb.

“Wasn’t that awesome how the frog vortexed down and shot out the other end?” (nature’s toilet . . . )

We marveled at fields that became lakes and trickling streams that became gushing rivers.

We praised God for His protection and sustenance.

We enjoyed puddle stomping in pajamas

We remembered that time passes too quickly to not enjoy a “rain day” now and then.


Courtney said...

Good puddle jumping! My baby had her first puddle to jump and splash in last week. Nothing compared to yours!

Miriam Halstead said...

Wow! That's some serious water!