Monday, September 29, 2008

Mentoring moments

This Saturday Paige and I awoke with anticipation of what the morning would bring. Before bed on Friday I had set out the tea cups, tea, spoons, honey, and books in our homeschool room. She woke and found it all ready to go, and knew I had been thinking of her as well.

We are both early risers, so after taking the dog out we had the house to ourselves and had another special time of chatting away. We used the Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood for our springboard and the next 30 minutes flew by. (A half hour seems just about the right amount of time at this age).

We talked again, briefly about the joys of the age my daughter finds herself in. The fun of childhood, and yet approaching the verge of early womanhood. Still much to learn, but also plenty of time to do so. I encouraged her by acknowledging the breath of fresh air she brings into our home each day, thanking her for her dear, gentle ways. She has an amazing gift of sweeping away the little ones when they need attention while I am in the midst of something else. She can soothe them and make them giggle again almost as well as I. Her gentleness and sweetness make up for what she may lack in maturity.

We talked seriously about dreams and ambitions. She shared that she enjoys not having to worry about it for now. The day will come, but for now she is right. All she needs to focus on is growing and learning. That carefree spirit is a bit contagious. How often I get bogged down in future matters that truly matter little today.

We also talked about the need to develop character. As we spoke, this spoke as much to me as her. Growing in character and godliness continues our whole lives. The book challenged us to list the ways she cheerfully served others for the day and this has turned into a few day long project. Each day she finds a few ways to serve others, but wants to do even more, and more consistently throughout the day. Reshaping a mindset takes a long time, again a challenge to me to set the standard and example here.

Challenges to me as Mom to continue to raise the bar, strengthen my hands, stay the course. Joy to see the growing young lady before my eyes. Encouragement to see the bud of a mature relationship, slowly growing into more than mother to young child.

I already look forward to next Saturday morning . . .


samantha said...

That sounds wonderful. I would love to incorporate something similar with my daughter. She too is on that cusp of being a child and being a preteen.

5intow said...


I would so encourage you to try to find a regular time. After just two weeks I am already loving it. This is the perfect age to, to really begin cultivating that mentoring relationship.

Blessings as you explore this new adventure!