Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs - Schedules

Homeschool Memoirs!

Each homeschool schedule is as unique as the family that follows it. Reading other schedules can give ideas on how to plan your own or tweak it to make it more user friendly. Every year my schedule changes a bit (and often throughout the year as well) as we add students, subjects, and new grade levels.

As part of Homeschool Memoirs this week they are asking people to share their schedules, and since I just finished modifying it for the year ahead, here it is:

6:00 Exercise (me)

6:30 Personal Bible time (me)

7:00 Make breakfast (‘A’ chores)

(For an explanation of these 'A' chores and the others below,

please see my recent post about our current chore plan).

7:30 Eat Breakfast

8:00 Clean up and ‘B’ chores

8:45 Bible time (finishing up Hebrews 11 right now)

9:15 School time (with Mom: Blake 45 minutes, Paige 30 minutes, Faith 30 minutes)

(during this time we cover grade level subjects - Math, English, and reading)

11:00 Plutarch, Shakespeare, Nature, Art, Spanish (one a day)

11:45 Cook lunch

12:15 Lunch

12:45 Clean up and ‘C’ chores

1:15 Silent reading T-F; Geography on Monday

1:45 PE (Monday to ballet, Wednesday to gym and swim for the afternoons)

2:15 Brooke and Nathan (preschool time)

2:45 Science (T, Th) or project time (Fri)

3:15 Nap/rest/in room

(some flex time here – free time for kids, blogging/writing for me)

4:30 Clean up school room and house/cottage chores

5:00 Cook dinner

5:30 Dinner

6:00 Clean up dinner and ‘D’ chores

Family time

7:30 Snack (fruit)

8:00 PJ/baths to bed

8:30 Bedtime

9:00 (clean kitchen)


(Homeschool prep)

(finish up on computer)

Cook’s helper M- Blake T-Paige W-Faith Th/F- Brooke and Nathan

Play/help Brooke M-Paige T- Faith W- Blake

Play/help Nathan M-Faith T-Blake W-Paige

I look forward to this new year with anticipation as to what it holds, the successes and challenges, the togetherness, the growth, the learning, the memories.

Dear God, I pray that this year of schooling would be a sweet offering to You. Please breathe through me each day with Your love, patience, and direction. I pray that each one of my children would grow not only in their academics, but more importantly in the clarity of their reflection of You. May you be glorified in our home.

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Julie said...

You have a wonderful plan in place and I wish you luck with the school year. I really enjoyed your prayer, it's just beautiful.

Sherry said...

Thank you for sharing your routine! It is great to see how everyone orders their day. :D

Have a blessed day!

Kate said...

Your schedule is so in-depth. I am amazed at how much you're able to fit into a day. We are officially starting school next week and I really need to get our schedule figured out before then. Thanks so much for sharing yours.


5intow said...

No rush, Kate, I finished my schedule after the first week of school. I knew where I was headed, but didn't get it written down until we had a run through to see how realistic it was. It is some days more a goal than a schedule, but we usually get through everything, even if we school "after hours."

I also try to get my kids outside every chance we get, so some of this takes place out of doors. That seems to make such a difference!

The Happy Housewife said...

I need to add exercise to my schedule, sigh! I just can't imagine getting up any earlier than 6:30. I am not a morning person at all! Your schedule looks great, I am still revamping mine, after one week of school we need some revision.

5intow said...


I just added exercise back in about two months ago. It definitely comes and goes. I have been pretty consistent over summer, but we'll see if I can maintain it as school continues. Even if I get out twice during the week and once on the weekend it makes such a difference in everything else.

Actually, this week I swapped and started with my devotions and I think I like that even better. I, too, need to head back and adjust, often!